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We make every effort to receive you in the best possible conditions and trust you by delivering our keys to you. For the sake of clarity, we have put in place internal regulations / manual that we will ask you to read and respect during your stay in Thiot. You can also find these rules on the tables of the houses.

Article 1: Reservation and cancellation 

1. The customer can book on the site or any other platform where we are present and follow the general conditions of the platform(s)

Article 2: Rules of the premises 

1. You are welcome in Thiot from 4 p.m. on the first day of your reservation. Arriving from the D981, you will follow the small road which runs along the ponds and the stables on your left in order to arrive at the lodgings straight ahead. The path is marked. Watch out for speed bumps on your way (x5) and dogs roaming freely.  

2. Our family has lived in Thiot for decades and has maintained friendly relations with the neighborhood. We therefore ask you to pay close attention to the road signs when you arrive with us and follow the direction "Manoir de Thiot". Also beware of the noise at night and avoid making too much noise outside the property since two families live on one side and the other of the house.

3. You are of course free to invite friends from the neighborhood during your stay with us, without, however, having them stay. The property can only accommodate a maximum of 9 people at the moment or 16 people spread over the two houses.

4. Please park inside the property and not in front of the gates. The ideal is to avoid parking on the grass but rather on areas with stones.

5. We will also ask you not to organize a big party/evening with more than 15 people in the property. It is not intended for large groups of people and remains a family home above all.


6. We care about the environment and want you to sort like us during your stay at home. We have provided you with a bin for recyclable waste (plastic, paper, etc.), non-recyclable waste and a bin for compost. We will ask you to empty the garbage cans of the house before your departure and place them at the exit of the road (*see “Your departure”).


7. We are in the countryside and with the heat of summer, you can have mosquitoes and flies in the house, we advise you to always keep the doors and windows closed during your stay to avoid large invasions. Also keep your bins full outside away from the house and in the shade during your stay. (we have put emergency fly swatters in the kitchen drawer, change them at the end of your stay)


8. You are with us as you would be at home; when you are away from the gîtes, you will be perfectly safe by closing and locking all windows and doors. Don't hesitate to be sure to turn off the lights when you leave, don't leave a fire unattended, valuables too exposed or sharp objects within reach of children's hands. We have installed fire extinguishers on all floors as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


9. The Manor dates from the 16th century. Its old stone stairs are lovely, but the patina and wear and tear of time can sometimes make them slippery. So be careful when you borrow them, you and your children! Take the time to do a first tour of the house with them and show them how to properly climb up and down while holding on tight to the rope and the wall.


10. The lodges include several old fireplaces. We will ask you to only use the stove in the living room and not those in the kitchen and bedrooms. Watch out for nearby flammable objects, people and projectiles emanating from the fireplace. The stove has a tab on the bottom for regulating the air going into the hearth. To the left allows air in for larger flames and to the right cuts off all air in the firebox and thus extinguishes it. The ideal is to leave it in the middle.

Please clean after use in garbage bags the morning of your departure (*checking that there are no more embers). Please also put wood back in the basket if you take some (the stock is in the barn at the bottom if you haven't bought any) :-)


11. Smoking is prohibited in our gîtes but not outside, on the terrace and in the garden, as long as you take care to dispose of your cigarette butts properly in a bin and not on the property! We want the surrounding nature to remain clean and without any risk of fire.


12. We love animals and would love for you to take your pet with you. Be careful, however, not to leave with all your pets because the place would end up running out and the cleanliness of the house would be difficult to respect. We therefore ask you to inform us in advance of the arrival of your pet.


13. We put our swimming pool at your disposal with an electric drop-down cover. We kindly ask you to take care of it and close the shutter every evening (the key is on the keychain). Please also always watch over your children and any pets to avoid drowning or any other type of unfortunate accident. Do not hesitate to clean the water regularly with the net (located along the right side of the pool). To illuminate it at night, the switch for the swimming pool is located under the stairs of the mansion.


Umbrellas; on windy days or before going to bed, please close the umbrellas to avoid damage,


14. We love Finnish bowling, pétanque, badminton rackets in the trunk under the stairs. Don't hesitate to use it with care :-) 


We have a large number of board games and puzzles in the living room cabinet below the fruit basket. Do not hesitate to use it for your evenings with friends or rainy afternoons. Thank you for taking care of it :-)


15. Spending the summer in Thiot is an opportunity to take advantage of the great outdoors to relax, cook or dine. We have provided you with a charcoal barbecue, very easy to use. We will simply ask you to please clean the grill as well as possible before your departure.


16. Accidents happen, we will ask you to inform us of any unfortunate breakage or damage. Your reservation being made via Airbnb, we will arrange on the basis of the guarantee. Also please do not move furniture from room to room to avoid potential damage. The house is old, treat it with respect :-)


17. The swimming pool specialist comes every Friday during the day to take care of the swimming pool for one hour. Do not hesitate to send him your comments. The gardener can come on occasion during your stay to take care of the exteriors. He comes with big machines, remember to bring your dogs in during his work.


18. In order to respect the private nature of the estate, we thank you in advance for taking only the main tarmac road. The ponds, the surrounding houses and the equestrian space are private properties that do not belong to us. We only have a right of way on the paved road and don't be afraid of the dogs   from the neighboring property, who like to roam freely, and who are completely harmless. We therefore ask you not to exceed these accesses.


19. Departures are at 10am on the morning of your last rental day. When you leave, please return the gîte to us as you found it; please remove the sheets and put them at the foot of the used beds, empty the fridge, turn off the lights, close the shutters and the doors and finally take out the trash.


The contents of the compost bin must be thrown into the compost (wooden bin in the small undergrowth adjacent to the house), the glass must be taken away and thrown by you in the nearby glass bubbles (Imphy) and the trash cans must be taken out and placed in the parking lot at the end of the road (see map)

Section 3 : Complaints

Any complaint must be addressed to the lodging or by registered mail A/R, at the latest 15 days after the date of departure, under penalty of foreclosure.

Article 4: Responsibilities

1. The photographs presented on the site are not contractual. Even if all the best efforts are made so that the photographs, graphic representations and the texts reproduced to illustrate the places give as exact an overview as possible of the accommodation services offered, variations may occur, in particular due to the change of furniture or possible renovations. The customer cannot claim any claim from this fact.

2. The gîte cannot be held responsible for the non-execution or poor execution of the reservation in the event of force majeure, due to a third party, unforeseeable and insurmountable, due to the customer or due to its partners, such as the unavailability of the Internet network, impossibility of access to the website, external intrusion, computer viruses or in the event of prepayment not authorized by the bearer's bank.

Article 5: Respect for privacy and protection of personal data

1. The lodge implements the processing of personal data, for which it is responsible.

2. As part of this processing, the lodge collects information concerning the identity of the client, his email and/or postal address, his telephone number, the credit card information necessary for the payment of the room and other information related to specific customer requirements.

3. The client is informed, on each of the personal data collection forms, of the mandatory or optional nature of the answers by the presence of an asterisk.

4. In accordance with Law 78-17 "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978 as amended and the General Data Protection Regulations which came into force on May 25, 2018, the customer has a right of access, rectification and opposition to the personal data processed concerning them.

5. The customer may also refuse processing, request its limitation or request the deletion (within the limits of the legal retention periods) of personal data.

6. This right can be exercised by simple written request to the address  who will respond to requests made.

8. The purpose of the processing of the personal data collected corresponds to the obligations relating to the services provided (customer management, commercial prospecting, production of statistics).

Article 6: Applicable law – language

These general conditions of sale are governed by French law.

The authentic language is French. If the general conditions of sale were to be translated into a foreign language, the French language would prevail over any other translation in the event of a dispute, dispute, difficulty in interpreting or executing these conditions and more general concerning the existing relations between the parties

Article 7: Evolution / modification of the general conditions of sale by Internet

These General Conditions of Internet Sale may be modified and/or supplemented at any time. As soon as it is posted on the internet, the new version of the General Terms and Conditions of Internet Sale will automatically apply to all customers.

Conditions générales de vente


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